VanitiBox is a brand that’s backed by 50 years of legacy built by Ceramics India, a sister company of BOSMA. As a company, our soul lies in being value-driven, passion-led and conditioned to innovate. Having been India’s leading manufacturer of quality switch-gears, we are now set to reinvent cabinet spaces with similar focus towards safety, convenience and commitment.

Beautifully and ergonomically designed mirror-finish VanitiBox cabinets help you neatly store, organise and hide away your day-to-day toiletries and personal care items.

Our goal is to solve your daily problems with products that integrate in your life seamlessly with no "getting used to" period. We stand by our products and provide 2-year warranty. We also love to hear from our customers, whether it's new product ideas, new features or any improvements we can make, please feel free to contact us.

Find us at several trade shows and exhibitions where we showcase our products, more details here.