1. How many varieties of VanitiBox are available?
    We currently have 12 varieties of VanitiBox. They differ on two criteria: by size and by type.

  2. What are the different types of VanitiBox available?
    There are 4 types of VanitiBox :
    a. For Families (of 3-4 people)
    b. For Women
    c. For Men
    d. For Couples (Dual Door collection)

  3. What are the major differences between Family, Women and Men VanitiBox types?
    Major difference between the 4 types is in the door. All 4 accommodate different products in varying amounts.

    For instance, Women VanitiBox has space for makeup like lipsticks, nail polishes, makeup brushes, etc.

    Whereas Men VanitiBox has space for electric trimmer, shaving cream, shaving brushes, razor, etc.

    And the Family VanitiBox has space for a little bit of makeup, shaving needs, 4 toothbrushes, etc. Each VanitiBox product detail page will list what it can accommodate.

  4. What are the different sizes available?
    Women, Men, and Family VanitiBox types come in 3 different sizes to suit your bathroom:
    a. 12x16x4.5 inches (300x400x120mm)
    b. 16x20x4.5 inches (400x500x120mm)
    c. 22x25.5x4.5 inches (550x650x120mm)

    Couple or Dual Door collection comes in following 3 different sizes:
    a. 24x16x4.5 inches (600x400x120mm)
    b. 32x20x4.5 inches (800x500x120mm)
    c. 44x25.5x4.5 inches (1100x650x120mm)

  5. Will there be silvering on the VanitiBox mirror in a few months?
    Silvering of mirror occurs because most mirror cabinet makers stick the mirror on the cabinet with double sided tape only on the edges. This creates a pocket in the center of the mirror where humidity from bathrooms seep in. With VanitiBox, we apply high quality 3M glue to the entire mirror which leaves no room for humidity and silvering. As a result, VanitiBox offers 2 years Warranty to its customers. See full Warranty Policy here.

  6. Will VanitiBox Corrode?
    Many steel cabinets in the market are made from inferior steel, which corrodes very easily. At VanitiBox, we pay special attention to quality. Your VanitiBox is made from highest quality mirror polished stainless steel grade 304 which will resist corrosion. Unlike other cabinet brands, we offer 2 year warranty to all our customers. We trust in our product quality. See full Warranty Policy here.

  7. Do you offer Cash On Delivery (COD)
    VanitiBox is unable to offer COD at this moment. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience.

  8. Where is the VanitiBox manufactured?
    VanitiBox is proud to be a part of Make in India initiative. It is designed and manufactured in India in our manufacturing plant in Gujarat.

  9. What are the different sizes available in VanitiBox ?
    Vanitibox Dimensions